Sunday, March 13, 2016

Splendid Sampler Update and Quilting Surgery

Much to my surprise, I am keeping pace with the release of The Splendid Sampler blocks.  Here are blocks #1 through #7 using fabric from the scrap boxes.
This little block made with needle turn appliqué took the longest to complete but I am the  most pleased with.  Interesting.
I have serious doubt as to whether I will be able to maintain this pace for the next 93 blocks, but you know, I really am OK with that!

You might remember these Bernese Mountain Dog pillows I made for friends of ours.  Well, one of them came back to me this weekend...sort of.

It seems that Cody (the white dog) might have been jealous that he did not have a pillow with his image on it.

Actually Cody is the sweetest dog and just had some fun with the pillow.  I probably did not make the pillow sturdy enough!  I like a challenge though so I am onto making this an even patchier pillow!


  1. Maybe using duck fabric or the outdoor type fabric or even a heavyweight denim might help your pillow to be dog sturdy. Duck fabric comes in so many exciting prints.

  2. Cody's attorney will be in touch with you regarding Defamation of Character! He's actually very sorry. He promises to apologize in person soon. Perhaps with a bottle of wine for the Dr.

  3. Poor Cody I can see how he may get jealous not having his own designer pillow! At least there is evidence, when the students say the dog ate my homework, they never provide proof.

    So great to see you tonight!!


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