Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First WIP Wednesday of 2015

I haven't taken down my Christmas trees yet.  Yup.  All five are still standing, fully decorated.  In my defense we have been quite busy celebrating the holidays and reality just set in yesterday.   Bummer.  So, when we got home, I did the only rational thing and went right into my sewing room to work on a couple of projects with deadlines.  I promise to at least focus on the one REAL tree before it becomes a fire hazard.

While in New Hampshire (or "New Hampster" as my little buddy Michael says), I have been working throughout 2014 on the Tula Pink City Sampler blocks.  This has been a lovely project to pick up when the mood to play with a block or two hits.  By the end of the year I had 82 blocks completed.  This weekend I cut the fabric for the remaining 18 blocks.

And stuffed the pieces into the book.  Yikes.

I suppose the logical next step will be to sew these final blocks.  However, then I will have to finally step up to the issue I have tabled for a year...what to actually DO with these 100 blocks.  I am inspired by the beautiful City Sampler finishes I have seen (this one in particular) but don't be surprised if procrastination sets in.

I enjoyed this individual block construction process so much, I am looking for my next challenge of this kind.  My son and his girlfriend must have known this because look what they gave me for Christmas!
Perfect!  I am a little hesitant about the template approach used in the Farmer's Wife blocks but I like a challenge!  (So long as none really expects me to make a quilt out of these blocks...)

To distract me from the sadness of the holidays being over and my sons all going home, we went for a little shopping trip to Fabric Corner.
 Arts and Crafts inspired by Michele Hill for In the Beginning Fabrics.
 Cherie by Frances Newcombe for Art Gallery Fabrics.  And because my husband was with me, he not only found puppy fabric but one that had Bernese Mountain Dogs on it.

Happy Wednesday!  Linking up with Lorna's Let's Bee Social and Lee's WIP Wednesday parties!


  1. I admire you for tackling The Farmers Wife quilt. Looks like a lot of fun, though I'm not sure I'd be into cutting using templates.

    Are you going to make the Tula City Sampler blocks into a quilt?


  2. Yay for having such a fabulous holiday with all your sons - so awesome! I am in love with your first photo up there - the colours are so goooood together, I do so hope you get around to making those blocks into a quilt, I have a sneaking suspicion it will be quite amazing!

  3. That stuffed Tula book made me literally lol - can't wait to see that top get pieced together! And I'm eager to see where you go with the Farmer's Wife too!

  4. I am planning to do the Farmer's wife too, but more than likely I will use the paper pieced blocks from the group on Yahoo.

  5. I had the post hoidays blues monday too! But that book of yours made me laugh!!

  6. Oh this is exciting! So glad I could inspire you just a little bit! YOU CAN DO IT! You'll be SO glad you did! ;-)
    And I agree - I really enjoyed doing a few blocks at a time - I'm thinking of doing another similar project!

  7. Oh, you just have to put these gorgeous blocks you have been making into a top! They are too beautiful to not. I have sure enjoyed watching your progress and can't wait to see the remaining blocks you have planned, Kathy.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Tula blocks come together. There's a Farmer's Wife QAL yahoo group that has paper piecing templates, and cutting lists so you don't have to use the templates in the book to make the blocks :) it might make the project a little less of a hassle!

  9. Oh lovely! I cannot wait to see what the Tula quilt looks like finished and the progress on your FWQ.


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