Monday, November 10, 2014

Fabric Shopping Fun

It has been a long time since I have had a post dedicated to new fabric purchases.  My goal this year was to only purchase fabric with a specific project in mind.  Honestly, I have been 99% compliant...until recently.  And now, my dear blog friends, I am sharing with you the results of my latest shopping adventures.  Because I know YOU will understand.

It all started with a weekend in Burlington, VT.  Between attending my niece's ice hockey games we had a wonderful time visiting this fun city.  Including stopping at Nido, a charming little shop with a nice selection of current fabrics.
Next I purchased some fabric actually for a project, so this doesn't count as an infraction.  I brought my fabric consultant (my mother in law) with me to Marden's and with her advice acquired the perfect pieces for a very special project.  Really, local New Englanders, it is absolutely worth the drive to one of the Marden locations for fabric that averages $4.00 per yard.

And then we found some yellows for another special project:
And not that I need any more dog fabric, but it is hard to find fabric with Bernese Mountain Dogs on it.  
On the drive back home, while still admiring my first purchases of the day, we drove through the village of Cornish, Maine and had to stop at the new quilt shop Bolt (great name).  A fun stroll through this shop yielded these "just because" purchases.  Really, I feel so guilty leaving a shop without buying something...just being polite.

In retrospect, that's not too bad.  I could have done A LOT more damage.  

Happy Monday!


  1. I couldn't have left the store without the train fabric either. You did good. :)

  2. This was damage control, you were very refined in your purchases with half not being actual infractions! I need to get up to Mardens!

  3. Oh you did very well indeed. there are just so many tempting fabrics out there--actually seeing them in person and not just online makes it SO much more difficult to restrain oneself. I am planning a trip to a fabric mill that is about 40 min away--BUT I am bringing my DH to wait in the car--so that will give me some incentive to show a little restraint! Hahaha...hugs and congrats, Julierose

  4. Oh I love those yellows. Yellow is one of those fabrics that it is so hard to find just the right color.

  5. Four bucks a yeard!!! AWESOME! Especially love the animals prints and ummmm...I think there' a jack russell missing on the dog print! LOL!! Great finds and combinations! You have a great eye for combining fabric!

  6. Hi Kathy, I don't think I got a chance to tell you that I love your "Vintage Quilt Revival" quilt. Nice job!! I feel exactly the same way you do about fabric shopping. It is nice to find a few things to buy when visiting a shop! Congrats on your fabric purchases. I have been good lately because I've had other things to take care of. That might not last, though.... :)

  7. All of your purchases are wonderful! I love the spools.


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