Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lost Chevrons

My Scrap Management System is still evolving.  The current version involves keeping together the scraps from a project under the theory that if they worked well in a quilt, certainly these pieces should stay together in their scrap after life.  Therefore, I have bags of scraps from many of the quilts I have finished waiting to be used.  For example, you remember this quilt (blogged about here);
Indeed, this project left me with a lovely little bag of scraps.  It turns out I need a new table topper to update my dining room.
 I have done a few chevron projects and wanted to make this a little more subtle.  
Perhaps I went a little crazy with this.  Can you see the chevron?

Perhaps I will quilt this to reinforce the chevron pattern.

On non-quilting adventures, my husband and I are planning a two week trip to the west coast in the fall.  We are flying into San Francisco, headng north along the coast to Oregon and over to the northern corner of Idaho (two more states for our 50 state challenge!).   I have done some initial research on fabric stores and there certainly seems like there are a LOT of them in that part of the country!  Unfortunately, we will not be going near Sisters, OR as I know that is venue for quilting fans (sounds like an excuse for another visit!).   I would love to hear any recommendations for must-visit quilt shops in this area!  I'll take recommendations for sights to see, restaurants, vineyards, hikes, etc.!  As you might guess we are so excited about this trip!

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  1. You will love San Francisco! Take your time and enjoy your adventure. Your table topper is soooo cool.

  2. Scrap management is a moving target around my sewing room. Love the house quilt. Enjoy your trip, it sounds terrific. Sister OR is on my bucket list but I want to go during the show with all the other thousands of people

  3. Just this morning I read that APQ magazine will be featuring a shop in McMinnville, Oregon -- it is called "Boersma's Sewing Center." It will be in their Shop Hop issue this Fall.

    1. I was in McMinnville last summer but since I was with my Dad and Husband I did not make it to that shop. I did however convince them to take me to Sisters. That was a great experience. What a lovely shop and lots and lots of fabric.

  4. Lovely quilts. I always enjoy SF. Try New Pieces and Stonemountain, both in Berkeley, if you have time.

  5. I do see the chevrons! And I love the monochromatic color scheme. Very beautiful. Have a blast on your trip. San Francisco was my home for a bit so I'm always aching to go back :)

  6. Ohhhh yes now I see the chevrons! My eyes were drawn to the grey areas first. I think quilting to drawn attention to the chevrons is a good idea!

  7. Not a quilt shop so much but if you wander through Portland, Oregon Fabric Depot has tons of quilting cotton. Picture a fabric store the size of a Walmart.

  8. A really sweet runner made from the scraps from one of my fave quilts you've made, Kathy. I did NOT see the chevron at first, but just thought it was a wonderful modern improv design. Quilting to reinforce the chevron is a great idea! Have the most fun on your trip together!!!

  9. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anything on the west cost :(. Hopefully, you post all the great places you visit so I can bucket list them! But, I love the addition of the blue in that table runner :). Also like the idea of organizing scraps by project.

  10. Oh man...THATpattern is sooo interesting Kath! Temecula and Seaside and fun Oregon COast spots. (Visit the Temecula factory and enjoy chesse and ice-cream samples!!!)

  11. You can totally see the chevron - and its going to look awesome when its all done! Enjoy your vacation!!!!!

  12. I live in San Jose, and would recommend eating at
    I sew but am not familiar with the shops North of me. is a great little town to visit, house boats, art galleries....
    There is a great road Loop of Napa to see many vineyards. I haven't gotten there yet myself, but a place I hear to see is on my bucket list.
    Have a safe and fun trip ! !

  13. When I finish a quilt I take all the leftover fabric, misc blocks not used etc and put it in a ziploc bag and it goes into my scrap box. Like you say ....saves time since you have already know that they already look good together. Makes it easier when you want to make another quilt in those colors. I have taken these scrap bags, added more fabric and made another quilt.


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