Saturday, May 17, 2014

SMS Winner and Movie Poll

And the winner is...

#380 Taryn @ Pixels to Patchwork whose favorite movies are Enchanted and 13 Going on 30!

Thank you all for participating!  A special welcome to new followers!

Regarding the answer to the favorite movie question, there were definitely some repeats (Gone with the Wind, Frozen, Sleepless in Seattle, Pride & Prejudice, Princess Bride to name a few) with definitely a theme of romantic, fun movies.  In case you were wondering, my answer to that question would be any and all James Bond movies.  Yup.   There is a tie right now for my favorite James Bond between Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.  After that I would say Casablanca and Up (the movie I cried uncontrollably through the first 20 minutes).

I think my son (who is a professional film critic in Chicago) would love your answers!

Have a great day!


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