Saturday, June 21, 2014

Finished - The Glowing Star Wars Quilt

Yes, another Star Wars quilt finished!

 I framed in some of the larger character prints and added various blocks to give my buddy M lots to look at!

I started this project with a fabric shopping trip for a "little bit" more Star Wars fabric to add to the scraps remaining from the last Star Wars quilt.  (Warning:  shopping for fabric without having a plan in mind will guarantee that you buy too much fabric!  Yes, there is yet another Star Wars quilt in the works. I am going to give away the scraps after that project!)  As a result the quilt has themed fabric from a number of collections.

One of the collections (cleverly titled Glow in the Dark Star Wars) had a little extra interest.  I was skeptical, particularly after washing the quilt.  BUT I heard from the family that now has the quilt that it does indeed glow in the dark!  My buddy is calling it his night light quilt!  Perfect!

I decided the quilting pattern is "lightsaber refraction."

A few of you have asked about my experience with the minky backing.  Overall, it was no problem at all.  It does shred like crazy when cut (cleans up easily with a scrap of batting) and spray basting works much better to control stretch than pin basting.  Machine stitching the binding down is the only way to go with the minky backing.   
Even though it is the first day of summer (yay!), I went ahead and gave my buddies their soft and warm quilts yesterday.  As I had a little minky left over from the backing, I made matching soft pillows.

K loved her quilt as well, particularly those fox blocks!  I don't have to tell you how wonderful it is to create quilts and to know how very much they are loved by the recipients!  A win-win!

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  1. Wow! These are great! My son would love that Star Wars Quilt. I just love the simplicity you gave the quilts so the fabric can really shine. Love, love, love!!

    P.S. I'd gladly take the scraps!! :)

  2. Both of these quilts are so SO fabulous!! I am happy (though not at all surprised!) that the recipients are thrilled with them. I does make the whole process extra fun :-)

  3. They look so neat together with the matching pillows. I love the binding you selected for the star wars quilt. I agree that machine binding is the way to go when using Minky. But I usually cut mine a little wider at 3 inches.

  4. amazing quilts--You really made the Star Wars fabrics all match together so well...I'm not surprised it was a huge hit! Geeze--glows in the dark, too! hugs, Julierose

  5. Glad to hear your friends loved them! Such great gifts :)

  6. Cool looking quilt! Thanks for the tips about minky. I am thinking of using it as backing on my next quilt.

  7. They both look fantastic! Well done! And thanks for the tips about using minky, something I haven't tried yet but maybe I will try it with a small quilt soon. Have a good week.

  8. This is such a great quilt! I can imagine how much your little friend loves it....what kid wouldn't?

  9. Totally awesome quilt!!! Showed the Hubby and he's so jealous!! Great job, and I love how it glows in the dark!!

  10. Oh the minky is the perfect finish! Serious Kath, these quilts are going to be worn our with hugs and cuddles!!! Super awesome finishes!!!

  11. You are truly a jedi master:-) I just love that quilt and the quilting is perfect!!! I can't let my son see this or I'll be making one immediately;-)

  12. Good looking quilt! There must be some Star Wars fans around? Nice work!
    I have a question; When you use minky as a backing, do you still use batting in between?


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